Available for freelance & remote Jobs only, after FEB 2020


I am a self taught designer with experience in creating digital interfaces, websites, and print design but I also have the ability to bring those concepts to life through creative front-end development.



User Study — Research — Goals

Problem Finding — Goal Analysis

Developing UX — Visual strategy

User Testing — Design & Deploy


Currently I am working as a freelancer and on contract basis with a design agency, But in the past I have worked with some great clients and delivered amazing products which users enjoy.

I have 2 years of experience as a designer and also have the ability to bring concepts to life through creative front-end development for smaller projects. I love everything that has to do with product & visual design, mobile & web projects as well as branding, typography, and animations.

Preffered Projects

I like projects that allow me to play with my creativity and are not limited to conventional design only. I do not take stand-alone development projects. I design and develop together or design only.

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